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Emergency stops in cab and basket.
Emergency hydraulic pump control in basket and ground control station.
Boom controls in basket and ground control station.
High Speed cutout when boom is raised.
Driver/Passenger seat belts.

Dedicated Custom Chassis
2,000 Gallon Capacity (7,571 Liters)
Mini-Max “Quick Heat System” 1.6 million BTU 24V
Joystick Controls
Hydrostatic Drive
Single Engine
Swing-Out Module (see above)
44’6” Working Height (13.6m)


Length 29 ft. 4 in. (8.9 m)
Width 8 ft. 4 in. (2.5 m)
Wheelbase 13 ft. 4 in. (4.1 m)
Height (Boom Retracted) 11 ft. 5 in. (3.5 m)
Height (Boom Extended) 43 ft. 3 in. (13.2 m)

Length:29 ft 4 in
Width: 8 ft 4 in
Height: 11 ft 5 in
Working Height: 43 ft 3 in
Vehicle Specifications:

Fluid Tank (Type 1): 1600 gal. (6057 L)
Fluid Tank (Type 4): 400 gal. (1514 L)
De/Anti-icing Fluid Pump: Keen Pump/Hardi Pump
Fluid Delivery (Type1): 55 gpm (208 L) / 150 psi
Fluid Delivery (Type4): 20 gpm (76 L) / 50 psi
Heater: GSS “Mini-Max”: 24 VDC. 1.6 million BTU
Quick Heat System - Pre-Heat to Deice Time: Approx. 10 min.
Chassis: Custom to Spec.
Drive System: Hydrostatic / Dynamic Braking
Engine: Kohler Diesel
Fuel: Diesel / 100 gal.(379 L)
Maximum Speed: 20 mph (32km/hr)
Max Deicing Speed: 4 mph (6km/hr)
Aerial Device: Articulating Boom
Open Basket Capacity: 2-person, 450 lbs (204 kg)
Rotation: 370-degrees (non-continuous)
Max Working Height: 44 ft. 6 in. (13.6 m)
GVW Empty Tanks: 20,300 lbs (9,208 kg)
GVW Full Tanks: 34,100 lbs (15,468 kg)

Optional Equipment:

Full body safety harnesses
Frost Gun
Automatic Fire Suppression
Remote Tank Level Gauge
CE Certification
Enclosed Basket
Forced Air
One-Man Drive
Back-Up Camera