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GS1400 Series Domestic

GS1400 Series Domestic


GS1400 Series Domestic


Length 25 Ft. 4 In. (7.7 m)
Width 7 Ft. 8 In. (2.3 m)
Wheelbase 11 Ft. 3 In. (3.4 m)
Height (Boom Retracted) 10 Ft. 3 In. (3.1 m)
GVW Empty Tanks 13,500 lbs. (6124 kg)
GVW Full Tanks 24,800 lbs. (11249 kg)Cal

Vehicle Specifications:

Fluid Tank (De-Ice) 1200 US gal.
Fluid Tank (Anti-Ice) 200 US gal.
De-Icing Fluid Pump Myers I2C-20
Fluid Delivery (De-Ice) Hardi Rotary Pump 363
Anti-icing Fluid Pump 20-30(76-114L)GPM / 150 psi
Fluid Delivery (Anti-Ice) 20 GPM (76L) / 40 psi
Heater: GSS “Mini-Max” 12 VDC. 980,000 BTU
Quick Heat System Pre-Heat to Deice Time Approx 20 min.
Chassis: Custom to Spec.
Drive System Hydrostatic / Dynamic Braking
Engine Perkins 404D Diesel
Fuel Diesel / 50 gal.(189 L)
Maximum Speed 20 mph (32km/hr)
Max Deicing Speed 3 mph (5km/hr)
Aerial Device: Articulating Boom
Max Working Height 34 ft.6 in.(10.5 m)

Optional Equipment:

REPLACE INFORMATION BELOW Cummins / Caterpillar Diesel Hardi 363 (Type l Option) Remote External Tank Level Indicators In-Cab Flow Meters Type IV Suction Fill System Fire Extinguisher mounted on unit Full body safety harnesses Type ll De-ice package CE Certification