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Specifically designed for FBO’s and regional jets, the Flacon 320 offers a unique concept to deicing solutions for smaller airports. Affordable and extremely versatile, easy to tow with any airport vehicle. The Falcon 320 trailer deicer can be customized to your specification. A standard TYPE 1 ONLY deicer, can be configured to carry Type II fluid or Anti-ice fluid. Simple to use, easy to maintain, efficient for the task at hand.


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300 Gallon Type 1 Capacity
12v Heater
Centrifugal Pump
Quick Heat System

Length:13' 6"
Width: 6' 6"
Height: 9' 6"
Working Height: 11' 6"
Vehicle Specifications:

Fluid Tank (Type 1) 300 US gal
Fluid Delivery (Hardi Pump) Var 12-20 GPM / 150psi
Heater: GSS “Mini-Max” 12 volt
Quick Heat System
Pre-Heat to Device Time 15 Min
Engine Kohler Diesel
Fuel 20 gal. Diesel

Optional Equipment:

Amber Flashing Beacon
Full Body Safety Harness
Temperature Gauge at Platform
Battery Heater
Engine Block Heater
Spare Wheel and Tire
Undercoating Rust Prevention
Fire Extinguisher Mounted on Unit
Extended Working Height to 14'8"