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GSS Offers Government Services

GSA Contract Number: GS-30F-038BA

  • United States Coast Gaurd
    FedEx Express
    Alaska Air / Horizon Air
    Air Canada
    Air Canada Jazz
    Tesco Equipment
    Southwest Airlines
    World Fuel Services
    ASIG/Signature Flight

  • Core Competencies
  • GSS Aircraft Deicers
    GSS Chassis/Customizable Utility Vehicles
    Specialty Aviation Vehicles and Equipment
    Refurbished Services
    Service and Technical Support

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GSS Ground Service Administration

Ground Support Services (GSS) provides deicing solutions and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for a number of airlines flying a variety of different aircrafts. Our capabilities and experience allow us to offer invaluable advice to military personnel on the best way to deal with sub-zero temperatures, freezing rain, snow and the different types of ice that aircraft are subjected to.

GSS provides cost effective purpose built deicers to meet the specific requirements and regulations demanded by all branches of the armed forces.

We can update you on green fuels: Many government agencies are moving towards cleaner fuels. Ground Support Specialists provides equipment capable of running on bio-fuels. Bio-fuels are especially useful these days with many armed forces focusing on environmental concerns.