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We have over a century of combined experience and look forward to helping you with your equipment needs.

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Over a Century of Combined Experience
  • Our Mission
  • GSS: professionals performing service and safety for the airline industry and their customers.
    Provide a quality, American made product to meet our customer's specification in a manner that generates long lasting business relationships for many years to come. GSS’ primary objective is to provide a highly reliable, quality product at a reasonable cost.
  • Our Values
  • GSS strives for excellence in that we take pride in constantly expanding our knowledge of the ever changing technology that supports the aircraft ramp environment. In doing so, GSS consistently pushes the envelope to produce quality products at a reasonable cost. This allows you, the CEO, the GSE manager, the everyday technician an easier job, day in and day out, with the equipment that keeps your operation running and generating revenue. GSS prides itself in being a partner rather than a supplier.
  • Our Solutions
  • Whether your requirements will be satisfied with a new unit or pre-owned unit, GSS will factory certify a safe and reliable asset for your operation. Services for your ground support equipment or our used units include everything from a light PM to a zero time re-life.


About Ground Support Specialists

Ground Support Specialist (GSS), based in the Memphis, TN area, is a Government Service Administration (GSA) certified manufacturer of ground support equipment.  Additionally, GSS provides quality new ground support equipment and ground support service support to meet the evolving demands of virtually all major airlines, general aviation and military, both domestic and internationally. We specialize in aircraft deicers, belt loaders, purpose built chassis and engine wash carts. Our staff of engineers can also help custom design options to compliment standard ground support equipment. Bring your challenges to Ground Support Specialists and we will offer great ground support solutions.

Learn more about our aircraft deicers here.

We are eager to discuss your ground support equipment needs and what we can do for you.

GSS Has Over a Century of Combined Ground Support Equipment Experience.


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